Eden Grove (Adana)

Mixed media with eucalyptus bark, installation

Cultural Shift

Monoprint collage, 20” x 16”

Cultural Shift II

Monoprint collage, 22” x 30”

Cultural Shift III

Mixed media with rose petals, 20” x 16”

Cultural Shift IV

Mixed media collage, 18” x 14”

Cultural Shift V

Monoprint college, 24” x 18’

Misfortune Through Flying

Mixed media collage , 14” x 12”

Tell to Remember

Photocollage with feather, 6” x 9". Collection of the National Museum of Women In The Arts, Washington, DC.

Sophia Icon

Mixed media with laurel leaves, 30” x 22”

Sophia Icon II

Monoprint collage, 30” x 22”

Sophia Icon III

1999, mixed media collage, 30” x 22”. Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, (Accademia d’Arte Moderna, Dino Scalabrino), Montecatini, Italy.

Sophia Icon IV

Mixed media collage, 30” x 22”